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The Demon Who Is In love With Me… PART 44

The Demon Who Is In love With Me… PART 44

The Demon Who Is In love With Me… PART 44

You missed the part Fourty Three HERE!!!

I was tired about the number of calls I was getting, even Yewande called me to offer her condolences. I was waiting for Timi’s call before I switched off my phone. There was a packet of cornflakes in the kitchen, I made some for Toun but she didn’t touch her plate, I could tell she was weak because she kept sleeping and waking up.
Finally Timi called.
Me : what did they decide?
Timi : school has been shut down till further notice, they brought in the police to seal of the campuses.
Me: When are you coming around?
Timi: very soon…should I get you guys anything?
Me: Please get valium for Toun..
Timi : The deputy vice-chancellor is missing, does Jafar know anything about it?
Me : How would I know?
Timi : The police will start raids soon, that place might not be safe for you..
Arrest was the least of my problems now..
Jafar came into the house some minutes after 4pm; he had dark shades on, so also the guys that came in with him. Toun was sleeping in the room, I didn’t want to disturb her so I had stepped into the Living room where there were a couple of magazines I flipped through.
Jafar : Tana whats up?
Me : I am good..i want to talk to you
Jafar looked at me, trying to decipher what I wanted to talk to him about..
Jafar : give me some minutes, you can wait for me in front of my room..
I did as I was told..
They were talking in hush tones, preventing me from hearing what they were saying.
Jafar : how is Toun?
Me: she is sleeping..
He opened his door and ushered me in. I remembered the last time I was in his apartment, when my life was still normal…I sat on the only available chair..
Me : where is the DVC?
I wasn’t in the mood to beat around the bush..
Jafar : I don’t know
Me : are you lying to me? Cause I heard the police will start their raid soon
Jafar : I am not lying to you…
Me: what will we do about the raid?
Jafar : have you eaten?
Me: yes I have
Jafar : Toun?
Me: she isn’t in the mood..
Jafar : what’s her favorite food?
Me : Jafar, what will we do about the raid?
Jafar : just tell me her favorite food
Me : meat…she likes fried turkey meat…
He made a call as he pulled his shirt; he was left with his singlet and slacks.
Jafar : You shouldn’t be worried about the raid, we would have it sorted out..
Me : what of Eli, where is he?
Jafar : He is in Ijebu-Igbo, moves around with twenty guys, fully equipped.
Me : he is after your neck too?
Jafar : Yes, it’s a matter of time before the real storm arises..
Me: I heard the elections have been cancelled and school shut down?
Jafar : yap, students are leaving towns in droves..
Me : you were at the park?
Jafar : times like this, each group places informants at the parks in Ijebu-igbo and Ago-iwoye. Any body seen trying to leave town will be brought down, your group or theirs.
Me: why?
Jafar : For a member of one’s group to try to skip town, its cowardice. For the other group, it’s the easiest target.
Me : what of those that would want to leave town with private cars?
Jafar : There are only two routes into Ago and Igbo, through Ode or Ilesan….
Me : oh…
Jafar : Toun will eat soon, I hope you know where her folks reside?
Me : Yes..
Jafar: because she is leaving town tonight…
Me: how?
Jafar: ‘Last-Born’ will take her, he is the guy you spoke to this would be going too…
Me : I don’t want to go yet, I owe it to Abayomi…but Toun is unstable…so I think it’s a good idea…but you said any confra guy leaving town will be felled?
Jafar : Last-Born is a smuggler, when would you go?
Me : when you take care of Eli..
Jafar : it’s going to get really bloody, miss. Reports have it that the government is releasing weapons to Eli’s people..
Me : I am stubborn o…just so you know..
Jafar : oh….that I know…

]Jafar left shortly, leaving me with Toun and the strangers in the house. Luckily, Timi came around. He wasn’t allowed inside the apartment, I had to meet him outside. After dropping off the bags he brought, we sat in his car.
Timi: its crazy out there mehn, the garage is filled with students, transport fare to Lagos is now 700 bucks
Me: so I heard
Timi: They are killing themselves anyhow, it has never been this bad.
My heart started beating again, I had lost Abayomi, I didn’t want to lose Jafar.
Timi: You have to leave this place soon..
Me: I can’t, I can’t just leave town..
Timi : I am not saying you should leave like that, but staying here aint the best right now.
Me: you think so yh?
Timi: I have some friend in TASUED, they can take care of you…
Me: Jafar will be taking Toun to Lagos tonight.
Timi: driving her down himself?
Me : Nope, a friend of his would be taking her.
Timi : are you sure it’s safe? Do you know the guy?
Me : barely, but I trust Jafar..
Timi smiled…
Timi: I know you do..i miss you dear..
Me: I keep thinking of Abayomi..
Timi: I do too..please say me well to Toun.
After a few more bants, he left. I kept thinking of what Timi said about my leaving the house and it made sense. But my guts kept telling me to stay. When I got back in, Toun was eating the turkey Jafarhad gotten for her, she hugged me when I approached her.
Toun: sorry, I know it has been had on you too
Me: its okay, you are very strong. Just be strong for us..please..
Toun: I will try?
Me: Jafar and I feel it’s better you go to Lagos tonight. At least till it cools off..
Toun: what of you?
Me: I will wait behind, till Eli is sorted out.
Toun: are you sure?
Me: yes dear..Timi brought our stuffs, so I will help you pack, just eat and rest..
Toun: you are a darling my dear.
Me: I love you.
Toun: why is Jafar?
Me: he went out but he has arranged for your transportation.
Toun: so gist me, what is the latest?
Me: National is dead, Dvc is missing..Timi said a couple of other deaths..
Toun: hmmmm, I am only concerned about Eli..
Me : me too..
I was glad Toun was sounding alright, I didn’t need to give her the valium anymore. She went into the bathroom to take her bath, Toun likes crying in the bathroom, so I eavesdropped to make sure she didn’t break down in there. Just as I suspected, she started crying again.
Around 8pm, Last-Born came to knock on the door, he informed Toun it was time for the trip to Lagos.
Toun: Thank Jafar for me, and promise me you will come to my house when this is all over?
Me: promise, my love.
We hugged again, then she left in a blue Primera.

I realised what Timi had been telling me was the best thing to do. I couldn’t just shack up here with this guys, so I packed my things and planned to tell Jafar that I would have to leave his apartment and remain incognito till he all these sorted out. Since most students had left, the Town sounded a tad quieter. So when the volks-wagon with loud speakers on it that advertised local herbs around Ago-iwoye was passing by, it was pretty loud…when it came closer, I realized I was wrong. My heart started beating fast, it wasn’t a volks-wagon, and the speakers were blaring something I was very familiar with…
I locked the door in the room, I could hear the guys in the living room but that gave me little solace. I picked up my phone to call Jafar, but he didn’t pick up…I called Timi..
Timi: whatsup…?
Me: I am fine..i think Eli is in Ago..around the house
Timi: How did you know that?
Me: I just know!…i am scared..
Timi: I am in Ijebu-Ode now, I will come to town very soon..
Me : thanks, hurry!..
I could still hear the sound, I hoped I was getting crazy. My phone rang, it was Jafar.
Jafar: sorry, I missed your call..
I explained everything to him, he told me the lock myself in and not open the door for anyone except I hear his voice or Uche’s.
After he hung up, I dashed to the kitchen and picked up the sharpest knife I saw, I went back to the room and locked myself in.
When I heard someone knocking my door, 20 minutes later, and my heart was almost in my mouth. Then I heard his voice, telling me he was the one.
As soon as I saw him, I jumped at him, he was quick to carry me and regain his balance or we would have fallen, I caught a whiff of brandy under his breathe.
Jafar : I brought supper, fish and wine…would you like to eat with me in my room?
Me: yes..
He carried me inside his room, I was a frown woman and all, but I didnt mind being carried. Not even with the other guys staring at me.
He laid me down on his centre rug and lay down beside me, we were both facing his ceiling with our backs to the ground.
Jafar : if you are scared, you can sleep in my room tonight, are you scared?
Me: will you be sleeping here too?
Jafar: yes..
Me: I am scared.



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