Story: The Midnight Epic… Part 26

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Story: The Midnight Epic… Part 26

Ladies are really Complicated.
“I have a Girlfriend, awareness of which made
her somewhat unhappy with me for days.”
“Based on the conversation we had, when I
traveled home, she also has a boyfriend.”
Why on earth would she bring Love into the
She was so close to ruining the moment, and
an honest reply from me, would seal it.
I nodded in affirmation, then slowly took my
head down to her ¢lits, to finish off what I
She moaned and squeezed my head between
her thighs, while on the table.
When I felt I had given her enough, I placed
my d!ck on the entrance of her p*ssy, just
manoeuvering it on the surface
“Jeff put it in” she begged
I slid it in, and began another session of
thrusting in and out. She moaned and
massaged her ¢lits as I banged, then wrapped
her legs around my waist.
She shivered, like someone electrocuted as she
I was desperate to ¢um too, so I further
increased my pace, my hands on her waist, I
moaned, then pulled my d!ck and spilt it on
her belly.
She sat up and got off the table.
She k!ssed me then hugged me, she let go of
me after some seconds and walked to the
I lay on the bed, still N@ked, i later stood up
and switched on the light.
“Hey, won’t you join me?” Linda said, from the
“It would be my pleasure” I replied.
I walked in and met her, sitting on the closed
sink, her index finger in her mouth and her left
hand massaging her ¢lits.
The View before me was so $eductive.
My d!ck Sprung up instantly, as if the object
of its $eduction is different from the one it
Banged few minutes ago.
I got to where she was, placed my d!ck in her
mouth, and began drilling it.
She gagged a couple of times.
Linda was a $ex freak, and I was the one who
resurrected it.

She stood up,made me sit on the closed sink,
then sat on my d!ck.
she began moving up and down on it.
It’s still a memorable moment, because I
appealed my $exual desires to the full, and
the fact that she banged with passion, made it
even more blissful.
Many ask me, if a relationship without $£x is
As a matter of fact it is possible, it’s just not
$£x takes a relationship to another dimension
I wasn’t sleeping with Sandra, but I was 100%
sure she wasn’t having it behind my back.
She was just a decent Girl. and that’s where
many ladies lose it.
A guy can actually understand when you
withhold $£x, Especially when he’s sure you’re
not playing him and no one else is tapping
your ¢unt.
Linda and I stayed back in school, even after
the Post utme, we fvcked each other Like mad,
morning, afternoon and evening.
And Grace’s mum was the last person on my
We soon got our fill and decided to leave for
We arrived the motor park, we were the first
passengers to arrive, we found two
comfortable seats.
An hour later the bus took off, We had been
moving for about an hour.
Linda leaned on my shoulder and placed her
left hand on my d!ck area.
I was sitting by the window. I looked around
to see if anyone was noticing us, Nobody was!
I was like, “What does this girl want again?”
She later slept off, her hands still on my d!ck.
An elderly woman bent forward, and saw
Linda’s hand on my bulge.
She gave me a defiant look.
We arrived home, Linda and I k!ssed in the
motor park before, she took a tricycle and left,
I did the same.
My sister was the first I met at home, she ran
and hugged me, she was a big girl, about 16
then, her b°°bs were beginning to ripe, as she
walked the path of womanhood.
Michael came by and we shook.
“Where’s Mum?” I asked
“I expected him to tell me she was at the
“She’s in the kitchen” he replied.
I tiptoed to the kitchen, met my mum cooking.
I walked towards her and hugged her waist
from behind.
She shivered in fear a little, I let go of her she
turned around, laughed and we hugged.
She was also happy to see me.
“Mum why aren’t you in the Boutique?” I
asked, Surprised
“I sold it”
I stood there shocked, for some seconds.
“You sold it?Why?”
“I bought a Restaurant, its the business ave
always dreamt of having?” she replied
Weeks after I got home, I was going through
my contacts, I remembered someone I should
have called immediately I got home.
“The lady I met in the boutique months ago,
To Be Continued….

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