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STORY: Jide!!!. Part 24

STORY: Jide!!!. Part 24


STORY: Jide Part 24

If you missed part Twenty Three yesterday read it HERE!!!

I had no other choice but to wait outside… abi… want would I do? I entered the vehicle and put on the stereo. About 30 minutes later, the attendant came to call me outside…
Attendant: Sir…. The Pharmacist is calling on you…
I got out of the car and headed for the pharmacy. I entered, and I saw Nolly… Her face was shredded. You can’t know if she’s crying or frowning… It was a sad face…
I ran up to her..
Me: Nolly wtf?
Nolly: I’m sorry… I’ll explain later…. Just help me to the car..
Me: Explain what? After I saw the man manipulation your womanliness, what more explanation does a sane man needs again..
Nolly: **She struggles to talk** No baby…. It wasn’t what you taught.. It was something different entirely..
I had to help her… So just as she did for me in the clinic, I helped her with our hands resting on her shoulder.. I didn’t even go to see the useless pharmacist… I wanted to, but Nolly’s life was in my hands… I got her into the car and sat her down in the passenger’s seat. I entered the driver’s seat, but I didn’t even know where we were going… So instead, I drove to a nearby park… By this time, Nolly had slept off… I just got out of the car …
I was angry at the same time compassionate. I saw the Pharmacist’s hand inside Nolly.. And before then, I was hearing funny sounds.. So who’s lieing to who? My head was just rumbling from one point of question to the other…. It got to a stage I started talking to myself… I remembered I had promised to call Shola before I set out on my voyage…

I called Shola…

Me: Babe’s how far…
Shola: I’m okay honey… how are you?
Me: I’m okay… and better…..
Shola: Better? What happened to you?
*I had forgotten Shola didn’t know about the mind blowing knockout I received the previous night*
Me: Nothing…. I mean, I’m better, like keep getting better everyday …. It’s God.
Shola: Haha, you’re not serious… so are you still going on your vacation?
Me: Yes….. I’m about leaving sef.
Shola: Okay, Jide.. Can you go with your phone please? What you do doesn’t even make sense… How are we not going to talk for 10 days?
Me: I made up my mind I wasn’t going to take it along… But for you baby… I’ll take it, and only me would be doing the calls. You won’t call or text… Okay?
Shola: Eh, Okay… I’m okay with that…
Me: Good… So we have no problems then… I’ll take it along. Eh..
Shola: Ose oko mi… I love you… bye

I cut the call…. I checked to see if Nolly had woken, and yea… I could see her head moving sideways….
I ran to the car and woke her up finally… Her face had changed…

Me: So are you going to tell me what happened?
Nolly: What? I said I will tell you later… It was more of a personal thing…
Me: The pharmacist even tried you harass me…..
Me: I was hearing some funny sounds outside the door…
Me: More so, you didn’t tell me we were going to be late… All that was in my mind was getting contraceptives…
Me: I just didn’t think it through, that who goes for check up on contraceptives?
Nolly: I’m sorry for the harassment… I was told later by the attendant…
Nolly: I didn’t know how I was going to tell you… This thing is personal.
Me: But you weren’t even sick before, so?
Me: I saw the pharmacist’s hands inside your womanliness…

She didn’t reply me, she looked elsewhere…
I was trying hard to get her attention… What is she hiding from me?

In a flash,
Nolly: I just had an abortion…. As her face turned red….. Tears where rolling down on her cheek…
For me… I didn’t know what to say.



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