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Story: CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 8

CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 8

The next morning, I was on the first available bus to Lagos, got to lagos to meet an empty house, picked up my phone and dialled Tos number.
Me: tos where una dey na
Tos: egbon u don arrive ni
Me: yes, where all of una go
Tos: we are at Lobel hospital, at Alagomeji
Me: ok, I will join you there now
Tos: all right
In 45 minutes I was at Alagomeji, Lobel hospital was close to the Tantanlizers at Alagomeji junction, so I branched in and got some food for mama. I called tos and she came down to meet me.
Me: how is she now?
Tos: she’s kinda better now
Me: what really happened sef?
Tos: well she just got back from visiting her uncle, then she started complaining of body pain, before we could even get her a pain relief, she started throwing up, next thing we saw was that she just fainted. Thank God that mama ifeanyi was around she was the one who said we should pour water on her, before we called dad who said we should bring her to Lobel.
Me: hmmmmm, na wah ooo. Shebi she don dey attend that LASUTH the doc told her about
Tos: I don’t think so ooo, she was there just once and she was told to do and xray of about 7k and since then she hasn’t gone back.
Me: well, where exactly is she, can I see her?
Tos: yes she just woke up and pastor is there with her
Me: ok, let’s go and see her
We got into the ward and mama was so glad to see me, we all discussed together till the pastor prayed and left. When we were alone,
Me: Mama how are u
Mama: thank God am better now
Me: Mama by now you should know that this your regular sickness is neither malaria nor typhoid, it is has a result of the boil in your Bosom.

Mama: yes I know
Me: thank God you know, but what are you doing about it
Mama: I went to see the specialist the doc prescribed, on getting there I was placed on series of test, the cheapest was 2k, I only did two because of the money on me, he then told me am still gonna do a X-ray of 7k and I don’t really have such money, have been trying to raise the money ever since
Me: what’s dad now doing about it
Mama: well you know he is still paying the loan he borrowed from that micro finance bank for the project of last year, and the remaining salary is what we are all clinging on since this sickness started
Me: what of the books and stationaries you are selling?
Mama: shebi na person wey get good health dey do business, is it this one that I will be sick for two weeks and be well for a week, I will say I still want to be selling books, where is the strenght?

Me: I understand, you are even getting too lean now sef, what of the church, can’t they help?
Mama: the church brought some food items to the house last month and they also supported with 5k and they have been praying for me too, at least you met the pastor here.
Me: it is well sha, am back now, we will try sort all this. By the way eat the food I bought now.
Mama: you even bought food, where do u get money for that
Me: its the money u usually send to me now, and Uncle at Adeniji always send me recharge cards to sell, the least he sends is 2k whenever I call him
Mama: heya that’s nice of him and he never mentioned it to me when we saw last week ooo
Me: when you are discharged, we will go to the LASUTH and do the xray

Mama: where is the money? All the money have been saving have been spent on drugs

Me: do you pay for drugs, I taught you are using dads company health policy

Mama: yes we are, but they say the policy does not cover my type of illness

Me: what did they call your type of illness oooo
Mama: something like inflammatory something something
Me: which one is something something
Mama: me I don’t know how they pronounce it ni jare
Me: all right I will ask the doc my


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