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Story: Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 11

Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 11

“oga i will give you just 20 minutes to settle yourself, or else…. Hmmmmn” The guy said and left.

I wasn’t even seeing what was going on, i never knew Beny had already left the scene, maybe it was because those security guys were shading me before, they actually kept me in between.

I started searching for Beny and voiala! Beny was already opened the door, she had picked her bag and was leaving. I thought of calling her and something popped in my heart to just let her

I was still in full thoughts of how i just lost out and got disgraced in front of my ‘new signing’.. I immediately saw that hefty security coming back towards the eatery, i checked my time and it was already 23minutes pass the time i was given to settle my debt.

I heart started pumping harder as the guy moves nearer. He got to me and was about asking something when somethinh happened.

“check, echo red22 to echo blue40, come in” that was his radio talking. He immediately backed me and answered.

” echo red44 on ” The big guy answered.

I couldn’t hear the conversation, but not quite long he turned to me and said he is coming back.
I sat down back, i realized all the workers in there kept starring at me whenever the pass through my table.
I had already started calling Bisi severally and yet she is not picking up still.

It wasnt long the guy is already coming back and this time i was ready for anything that may happen.

“guy, let us go”

i follwed without hesitation, not as if i was ready to be jailed but i couldnt do anything again. All thanks i wasnt rough handled. I was already exhausted. We walked some distance and turned onto a path that wasnt crowdy. It wasnt long before we got to our destination. It was there that i realised it would be locked inside a toilet.
“give me your phone” The guy ordered.

“Bros, if i give you this phone how will i call the person who will bring me money”?

” Hin be like say crazee dey worry you, money wey nobody gree bring give you since, na now dem wan come give you. Give me the phone now and bundle yourself inside before i change my mind ooo” i obliged.
The guy locked me inside and left.

The place was dark and lonely. My fear got defeated inside, i had earlier feared that the place would smell like…… But that ‘prison’ wasnt. I made a resolution in my mind never to have a girlfriend again and if i have to, no more eatries, straight to any Bar or my house.
I was still lost in my thoughts and before the door opened again and i was faced with Bisi. She has already paid the bills and was about bailing me out of my mess.
Many thoughts kept running in my mind.

‘How did she knew where i was’

‘ Did i mention KFC’

‘ what if i did, has she been told i came with a lady’?

” oga, come outside now” the voice sounds like that of the guy that dumped me in there.
I moved out and Bisi gave me the worst look i have ever seen on her.

“lets go oo” she spoke at last, and i followed her like a sheep going for slaughter.

We trekked home and arrived home in no time.

The smell in the room made me know Bisi had cooked.
I was already starving, what nonsense food have i eaten at that KFC sef.
“who is the girl you went with to that eatery” I was just about to swallow the first morsel of Eba i saw on my laptop desk, when Bisi threw the ‘first jab ( question ). The jab hits me at the very wrong place. Why cant she just postpone the question and ask maybe when im through with food in front of me. The food wasnt just any food, that was Egusi vegetable that had the conjuction of perewinko as the coach, the last 3 defenders were stock fish and plenty chopped liver. The midfield was manned by the thick egusis that stood gallantly with the well washed bitterleaf. Bisi is a bad person wahalahi, she used this well munched Eba as the top striker. Oh oh, maybe she knew how well to discipline me. She knew it, after S£x my best hobby is eating.

Well, the jab hit me perfectly and as i was just about swallowing the first morsel was when the question came in. I waited for some seconds before deciding either to swallow the eba in my mouth or just leave the food and move outside.

‘ im starving, how can i leave this well prepared food and go outside. She knows the truth already….. I cant lose my appetite and at the same time lose S£x with her tonight na…. But wait oooo, if i should eat this food i would have already given in to her that im guilty. If i form anger and go out, she would later beg me and let the whole thing slide.’ i was still lost in my thoughts when the second punch came.

” you are even about to eat the food you couldnt pay for”

Bisi should have been a boxer, she’ll do so well in that profession….. Those punches are going in well. Truth be told, she asked me for money and i told her i am very broke.

Immediately she said the last word i got up and went out, forming anger. At least that was my last escape route.
I immediately went to my friend’s place Shedrack. I knocked his door and waited for response but none came. I called his number.

“bros where you dey na”

” i dey house”

” bros i dey your door mouth oo”

Shedrack came opened the door, but instead of inviting me in, Shedrack stood at his door and told me to wait a lil.

I looked at him from head to toe and i noticed a bulge in his boxers.

” bros hin be like say you dey gbensh, i willCLICK HERE TO READ NEXT EPISODE come back bros ” i said while laughing.

“come in joor” a sweet voice said from inside.


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