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FroshNaija Music/Video Promotion

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Promote your Music and Videos on FroshNaija

We can help you be that popular artist you want to be, with our platform cutting across thousands if Nigerians, we promote songs widely and massively for a token.


1. Your Music gets Featured on our Website with over 2,000 – 5,000 Daily Pageviews.


2. We Promote your Music on our Facebook Page to over 40,000 Fans.


3.  We Share your Music or Video Link to our ever Effective Users on our social media pages


4. We Guarantee nothing less than 10k+ Downloads on your Songs or Video.


5. Your Artiste gets an Official Music Page on FroshNaija and many other goodies.


6. Your music would be featured on Our Monthly mixtape with over 200,000 Downloads


This Sounds cool Right? Yes, It’s Very Cool For Upcoming artists With Great Determination and Focus.

What are you waiting for?

Participate in FroshNaija Music Promo and Get your Song Uploaded on today at a very cheaper rate & Enjoy all of the Above mentioned Advantages & More!!

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