LYRICS: King Flames – Money

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LYRICS: King Flames – Money

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Money By KF

Covering rappers
Sucking mappers
interesting money packers
Where did you get the money from what’s the source?
I don’t know about your mom but boy
Go return the money to the club
Go to the club and drop it where you took it from
Ill take it from the front no don’t drop it on the floor.
You decided to change the topic
You’re a worker holic
You work everyday and forget to take the money
I’ll call you every morning when it’s sunny
So you can apply honey where it’s meant to be funny
Trust me it can be funny but boring
It could be such a burden when you spend more money
You know this world is so cold where’s my blanket
I’m about to plot a graph where’s my math set
Let me call your sister where’s my handset
Her line’s dead let me put it in a casket
Some niggas travel through private jets but I take the fast jet
We’re packing where’s you basket
Sometimes you post pictures of them and forget to tag them
King flames is coming for you don’t forget your hands then
It’s just like laying your hands on an exhaust so hot
If you wanna try me then just watch
When you get the result, you’ll be on the floor
You’d be begging for mercy so much
You wanna try me, let’s go


(How I gat this money don’t concern you
Where I gat this money from is behind you.) x2

Verse 2

My inspiration is so high
You don’t need to know about it it’s mine
It’s doesn’t need an incubator
Or an elevator
It just comes on like a generator
I like this generation
They never know the right place to get motivation
Nothing is as good as education
It may help you out of depression
Can come from another dimension
Don’t even mention
They say it’s a building block
But it doesn’t come with luck
You have to read all night and round the clock
Before you can achieve anything with honor
It can’t be bought
Nothing like your clothe
I don’t get the money from these shows
It just goes to the poor and you know
I’m too fast quit moving too slow
I can pass you even if I have to roll
Is that how slow you are
Slower than a rolling fire
We’ll fire is fast thats an understatement
It’s quite frustrating if you’re the patient
You have to be patient
Then the doctor comes and attends to another patient
Especially if your name is patience
You’re gonna run out of patience.
Trust me


(How I gat this money don’t concern you
Where I gat this money is behind you )x3
Just look back
It’s behind you x2

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