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Love Of Money: YahooBoy Sets Girlfriend Ablaze (Photos)

Money is truly the root of all evil leading to the commitment of so many dastard acts of crime against God and humanity. The love of money cuts across all race, social class and gender.

It is normal for all human being to aspire to be rich and command the respect that comes with being affluent, but what is absurd is, the desire for money at the expense of another life through shady or diabolic means.

The moral decadence of the present day youth is mocking the biblical story of Cain and Abel, the evil conception of the human mind and idle hand defies reasoning, the quest in Nigeria for wealth and material acquisition calls for concern from all and sundry.

In the years gone by, ritual was synonymous with traditional worshippers with the slaughtering of live stocks to the gods during the observation or celebration of one festival or the other. That was in ye

ster years, the ritualists of today, are the youths who do so not for the observation or celebration of any festival or season, but for money making purposes, and neither do they kill live stocks for these rituals, but fellow man, most especially women. Their mode of operation varies, such as using ladies’ under-wears in exchange for money, consumption of human feaces and copulating with mentally deranged women or even animals, with the latest trend being setting ablaze of their victims.

The long hands of the law caught up with a young man, Victor Orji who was recently caught in the act by his neigbours while setting his girlfriend ablaze. This would not be first or last of its kind, but what remains baffling is how people continue to fall victims to this horrendous acts and crimes. The society at large should give more than a passing thought to this ill wind that is blowing no one any good.

Values of being pious have been thrown out of the windows, and the lifestyle and culture of living on the fast and reckless lane is consuming the innocence of our teeming youths. Parents need to take up their responsibilities of molding and guiding their offspring with all that is needed to live a purposeful life devoid of greed, crime and get-rich-quick syndrome.

It takes only the devils incarnate to pick up a can of fuel and intentionally pour its content on another person to meet a selfish need. How cruel and questionable can love be? This should hopefully serve as a warning to the ladies out there to know the nature of their partner’s means of livelihood, and stop being gluttonous for the adage that says; it is not everything that glitters that is truly gold, is still ringing true. Foil paper glitters too.

Stay away from Yahoo guys, don’t bite the bait! The lady, who appears in the picture, before we made this post, has been confirmed dead. It was a horrific burn and trauma; she couldn’t live to tell her story for others to learn from.

Having money should be a blessing and not a curse to anyone.

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