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Golden Boy CEO, Patrick Shares Screenshots Of Davido & Peruzzi’s Death Threats (Photos)

Golden Boy Entertainment CEO, Patrick has shared photos of death threats he has been receiving from the singers since his outburst few days ago.

According to him, he has been receiving death threats from the singers and their die-hard fans. He revealed that he has been getting them for years now but with his recent outburst, they have gotten extreme. Patrick also confessed that he’s happy that Twitter users have supported him as he feels strong enough to battle the oppression from the record label.

He still stressed on the fact that he would rather not disclose some details due to personal reasons and has assured everyone that he has recipts and evidence to back up his claims.

He wrote, God bless Twitter, at a point It was me against the world, but with twitter, I’ve been able to feel support to battle this oppression from DMW. Thank you all for the DMs, RT, Likes to make this trend, now the World Knows What/who Peruzzi truly is . How do we describe such a man?

Theres a lot more I could have added in the #SurvivingPeruzzi Thread , but For reasons best known to me, I will keep them to myself. I also need everyone to understand I am not doing this for clout , and all my claims are backed up with receipts and evidence. My safety is my priority and that is why its been important to let the public be aware, because the death threats I have received since last year till date after Peruzzi’s failed ambush are extreme.

Been Receiving death threats from @davido or/ @Peruzzi_VIBES.All day. At least now we can all see what I have been going through. I will be taking this VERY SERIOUSLY. @Proud_talker @Proud_talker. #SurvivingPeruzzi #DeathThreat. there are more threats before and after this!!!!

See the tweets below:

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