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Dorathy : Why my relationship with Prince crashed (BBNAIJA REUNION)

Dorathy : Why my relationship with Prince crashed (BBNAIJA REUNION)

Dorathy explained why her relationship with Prince crashed

Dorathy, on Friday confirmed that her friendship with Prince has crashed.

Dorathy told Ebuka during the reunion show on Friday that the Prido ship’ as their fans fondly called it, ended because Prince was dishonest.

She explained that she had asked Prince if he had a relationship with Tolanibaj, but he failed to tell her the truth.

According to her, she found out just before the reunion that Prince and Tolanibaj had se.x, hence Tolanibaj’s shades on social media.

Dorothy revealed that she was accused of stealing Prince from Tolanibaj, an accusation that got her upset because she thought they were just cordial.

“Two months ago, I and Prince spoke about this reunion, in fact, we were prepared to come here and laugh, but things took a different turn.

“Despite asking Prince severally if he had any relationship with Tolanibaj, he avoided the topic and only told me about his intimacy with her because he knew she would reveal it at the reunion.

“Prince also didn’t tell me he kissed Lilo until a few weeks to this reunion.

“For me, the ‘Prido’ ship is dead. I am not a pretender, I am too real for all these,” she added.

However, reacting, Prince said he didn’t tell Dorathy he was intimate with Tolanibaj and kissed Lilo because they were just friends.

He added that he had apologized to Dorathy and he hopes she forgives him.

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