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Babcock Student who was expelled for her leaked nude video gets scholarship (Photos)

Babcock University has been in the news for the wrong reason in the past 24 hours, first of all it was a shocking leaked video of a student and her partner, the video went viral immediately and all sorts of name calling happened, by this morning news filtered that the lady is or now was a 300 level student of the University, the reason i used was is because news reaching us today states the lady in question has been expelled by the University.

Mixed reactions trailed her expulsion, as some think that her actions were against the principles of the school and she should face the law, others had a different opinion, stating that the school failed in the first place to instill the prerequisite character in her thus, they should take blame for her actions, twitter was full of ,for and against opinions, while all this was going on, a certain lady with the twitter handle @naijaflyingDr asked for the details of the lady, and in about an hour she made contact with her, trust social media.

Social media users began speculating why Dr Ola Brown aka @NaijaFlyingDr contacted the ex Babcock student, who according to some sources was battling depression as she had become popular for the wrong reasons, and some feared she might just take some irresponsible actions, this speculations did not last long as Dr Ola in replying to twitter user clearly stated her aim of contacting her;

In responding to a twitter user that suggested the University was right in suspending her, stating “Rules are rules, the University has Zero tolerance for such” Dr Ola replied ” That’s why i am i am working to get her into the type of University i went to, they weren’t religions, but they showed humanity, when my classmate got pregnant”

This act has got a lot of people online thanking Dr Ola Brown for her philanthropic act, although the lady in question will have to start all over again, the good thing is that she has a second chance at having a good education.

Wait a minute, anyone knows what happened to the guy?

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